zer0 info

october 20, 2001

For those of you who are interested in a truly useless website (that I happen to own): Check out my new domain name, it's zer0.info (Yes, that's the numeral 0 after the "r"). Check out the website with nothing HERE. zer0.info? You might be asking yourself. Yea, the .info TLD was opened Oct. 1, 2001 and I didn't know about it :) So, after I found out about it, I just had to have a .info. Next came the search for something cool that wasn't already freaking taken! Sheesh, in two weeks just about every cool one was taken -- including the original one that I wanted: mk.info. Damn! So, when I ran out of things to try, I felt like I had nothing left. Zilch. Nil. Zero! Ha! So, that's the cool one I picked -- yet, zero.info was taken, so I resorted to a hackerz l33t version with the number 0 replacing the o. Anyhoo, that's the story of my new domain name.

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