And the winner is!

october 26, 2001

UltraMookie.Com User Gleno: YOU ARE THE WINNER of the UltraMookie.Com The Mummy Returns DVD Contest!

Gleno got five of the five questions correct, but missed the bonus question. Two users tied as runner ups with four out of five correct: dupester and MookiesGurrl.

Gleno said in his message to me that he doesn't have a DVD player and just wanted to contest with everyone else. He wants the DVD to be given to the runner up in the contest. Since we have two, Gleno, you can pick who the DVD goes to.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest! I'll make sure to have more like this soon, a Thanksgiving and Christmas contest? I think so! Keep on visiting UltraMookie.Com for more chances to win prizes (oh, and I promise next time it'll be brand new stuff :)). The correct answers are:

1) Where did Steve's nickname "Mookie" come from?
The Spike Lee movie "Do The Right Thing." Mookie was the name of Spike Lee's character in the film.

2) What do the letters "BBS" stand for?
Bulletin Board System

3) What color was Mookie's old 1991 Toyota Camry?
Jet Black

4) What was the name of this site before
The House of Boiled / GeekWeek

5) What did Chef Mookie cook on 9-5-2001?
Steak and Lettuce

And a bonus question:

What was the main phone number to Mookie's Place BBS?
408-942-1984 (please don't call it now since it's disconnected and/or reassigned to someone else.)

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