Mookie's Favourite Toys

october 29, 2001

I was thinking about all the toys I've acquired...Oi, there are many, but only a few are my favourites. Here's what they are... 5. Sony CyberShot DSC-S50 - I love taking pictures and the digital camera lets me take pictures whenever I want, where ever I want, and however many pictures I want. With a 128Mb MemoryStick inside this 2.1 megapixel camera I can shoot all week and still not run out of space. And thank goodness for that! If you haven't already, check out my thousands of pictures in my Picture Album

4. Sony Clie PEG-N610C/V - Yeah, I don't have that busy of a schedule, but it's nice to have something to keep track of those once in awhile appointments, to-dos, contacts, and memos. And playing games on it is pretty cool too. The 16-bit color screen is much better than the screen on my Cassiopeia E-125 and the Clie is small enough for me to carry around everywhere.

3. Archos Jukebox Recorder - Between 50 to 100 hours of music. Yes, that's what this bad boy can hold. That's a lot of music and gives a good selection when I'm on a long flight. The sound is great and the thing is pretty easy to use. I also have another MP3 player, the RioVolt from those SONICblue people. I like the RioVolt too, but you can only cram 700Mb of MP3s on the RioVolt and the RioVolt is much larger than the Archos.

2. Sony Playstation 2 - Whoa, Emotion-Engine, go go go! This is one fun machine to have around. Kick ass games like Gran Turismo 3, SSX, and Time Crisis 2 make the machine a must have :) It doesn't hurt that the damn thing can play DVD movies too.

1. Toyota Solara V6 SLE - Haven't named the car yet (my old '91 Black Camry was the Batmobile). Coming close to naming this Diamond White Pearl beauty "Princess" though. A smooth ride, leather, and some decent power make the Solara fun to drive. Yea, it gets me from point-a to point-b too. :) Don't forget to visit my website dedicated to the Toyota Solara, it's Solara Guy.

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