The X-Box is Here! Uhm, so?

november 16, 2001

Hmm...The XBox has landed at a local retailer near you and it doesn't seem to have generated as much commotion or buzz as the when the PlayStation 2 was released (even though the XBox is getting a half-billion dollar ad campaign). There are reports of places selling out of XBoxes, but there are still reports of places that have many on hand. Is this a release dud for the XBox? I had a reason for looking at the XBox with jealousy and maybe even considering getting one. The reason? Halo, the flagship launch game for the XBox. But, now I'm not even considering getting an XBox, why? Because Halo is being ported to the PC (and even Mac)!

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"When asked if a PC version of the game is still planned, the [Bungie] spokesperson said, "'A PC version of Halo will be released after the Xbox version, but no official release date has been announced.'"

Thank goodness because playing a first person shooter with an XBox controller is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen -- and don't you doubt me, I've tried my share of FPSs with console controllers and none come out as good as playing a FPS with the good ole keyboard and mouse combo.

Well, what about the other games? Project Gotham Racing? Got my Gran Turismo 3 for my PS2 (and also the awesome Burnout too). Munch? Tried it at MediaPlay, hated it. DOA3? Oh come on, nice graphics, oooh, even chicks with big bouncie breasts, but does that really make a fun fighter? Nah. Nothing about the opening line-up of games for the XBox tickles my fancy.

Found this GREAT ARTICLE on the XBox, GameCube, and PS2 on Salon.Com. "With two possible exceptions, the Xbox and its premiere list of games are undistinguished, undifferentiated and inoffensive -- and consciously tooled to be exactly all those things. The Xbox is, in effect, the Internet Explorer of game consoles." "Microsoft's game-box revolution takes the path of mediocrity, while Sony's Playstation seizes the creative high ground." Sounds just like Microsoft, doesn't it?

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