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december 8, 2001

A little old, a little new. That's the story of MP3s right now for Mookie. Found a cool site, found some cool software, and getting some good use out of my cool MP3 player. Music is cool again! Find out what I found! Well, I'm still using my Archos MP3-HD 6GB player. Imagine an Apple iPOD that you can hook up to a PC (via USB) with 1 gig more storage. Yea, the thing doesn't look as sleek and sexy as the iPOD (it's metallic with blue bumpers :) Look on the Archos website for pictures) but it's $150 less than an iPOD, has 1 gig more storage, and can connect to a PC. :) (Doesn't mean I won't get an iPOD when I have enough money saved though!)

The new softwares that I found are JBSync and Media Jukebox. JBSync is great for the Archos Jukeboxes, it lets me keep my PC MP3s in sync with my Archos JB MP3s. Very cool piece of software. It will even create playlists for new additions so that I don't have to remember which songs I just got. Cool! I was a big fan of MusicMatch's Jukebox software, but I'm over it now. :) It's still a great piece of software, but I've found that J River's Media Jukebox is a much better piece of software. It is well organized, easy to use, and (something that wasn't part of MusicMatch Jukebox) it is fast as hell. Plus it has this cool Mini-Me mode. Also, Media Jukebox is able to play all sorts of other media (RealMedia, Windows Media, DVDs, CDs, Webcasts, etc). And if you have a TV tuner, it'll even take care of that for you. Amazing piece of software. There is a free basic version and also a pay plus version. Oh, and a big selling point for me (I got the plus version) was that it uses the LAME MP3 encoder which produces some of the best sounding MP3s around! (MusicMatch Jukebox uses the Fraunhofer [the people that invented MP3] but it's somewhat flawed and makes average sounding music.)

If you're an Archos owner, here's a great place for Archos discussions: FunMP3Players Forums. If you're not an owner, you can even buy an Archos there! (And they sell modified Archos models with 20 and 30 gig drives in them! Cool!)

Have fun!

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