Archos MP3 Player Power Plug Replacement

january 4, 2002

For all of you Archos MP3 player owners out there (this article applies to the Archos Jukebox 6000, Studio 20, and 6GB Recorder), here's some interesting information about getting a better power supply for your Archos.

Have you ever noticed that when you plug your Archos into the power cable that the unit heats up? Yea, I've noticed that with my 6GB Recorder. This is because Archos provides a very cheap unregulated power supply with the unit. To fix this problem you can get a regulated power supply. I just got one from Radio Shack. I got this information from the forums over at FunMP3Players. Here's what you need. The Radio Shack catalog number is 273-1667 Adaptaplug 3-12V, 800mA regulated power supply. You get to pick an Adaptaplug for this unit free. Get the Type-H plug (catalog number 273-1711), this is the correct connector. Set the power supply for 9V and the connector polarity is positive on the tip. That's all you have to do (well, you can pack the Archos power supply back in the box). The Archos MP3 player should charge just fine now (though the "Done Charging" message still doesn't come up) and it won't get hot enough to fry eggs on it.

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