Terrible Restaurant!

january 5, 2002

Ugh. Just had dinner at a terrible restaurant. I've eaten there before, but when it wasn't busy. Tonight I had dinner at Fujisan at the Great Mall with my sister Joyce and her boyfriend Albert. The food there is pretty good, it's the service that sucked. I would not recommend this restaurant. The food doesn't make all of a restaurant, I think service makes up a great part of the restaurant going experience too. And because of this, stay away from Fujisan at the Great Mall. What kind of restaurant has a server who seats customers without asking what they want to drink? Or even given the customers menus? This is how the dinner started. But, foreshadowing this was a lady who refused to pay a tip and Gary inquired why. To this she complained that there was no service at the restaurant and that she shouldn't tip if there wasn't service. When I asked Gary, the manager of the restaurant, for hot tea and menus he replied with a sort of distain towards me. I was not happy with that. The servers, except for a non-asian (I think Hispanic) server, never came to fill our tea cups. They never asked how we were doing. The Hispanic server was great though, he was the only one who asked and brought tea -- I don't think he was a server because he didn't wear the clothes.

If you're ever at the Great Mall and want to have some sushi, get in your car and go elsewhere. This restaurant has terrible service and though the food maybe good, the experience of going to this restaurant left a sour taste in my mouth. Skip, skip, skip this restaurant at all costs.

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