Mac, I'm Back

february 3, 2002

I sit here in bed typing this article from my brand new Apple iBook. Yup, that's right, finally (between business trips) got enough time (and saved enough dough) to get me one of these things. Here's the skinny. The iBook I got is the 12.1" screen DVD/CD-RW combo version. I decided to skip the 14" screen version because, although the screen is larger the resolution is still the same at 1024x768. The price difference of $300 was not worth it. The 12.1" version is still in a small form factor and is light. Along with this purchase I got a 256MB SO-DIMM to add to the system since I'll be strictly using the iBook in MacOS X.

I also got an Airport for the iBook so that I can use the iBook around the house -- I already have an 802.11b access point, so getting the Airport base station wasn't necessary.

The installation of the RAM and Airport were easy and took less than an hour. Though the Airport card was attached to some sort of daughterboard from which it needed to be extracted from in order to put in the iBook.

Apon boot-up the system worked great. I love it a lot, will have to do a lot of experimenting to get used to the new MacOS, it's truly been too long since I've used one of these systems. What I still love the most is the terminal which gives me a tcsh prompt. Nothing like going to Unix from time to time to do things!

Anyhoo, I documented the whole thing with pictures (opening box, installing stuff) so I'll be posting those soon!

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