Fort Smith Where?

february 4, 2002

Welp, my latest business trip took me to three states...well, kinda... Well, took a business trip this last week to a new town in Arkansas. This time I hit the town (city, I guess) of Fort Smith! Nice place, really quiet. Didn't get to do much though, was working most of the time. I did get to drive at midnight in heavy rains for two hours, woowee that was an experience! Anyways, we did get lost once and ended up in Oklahoma -- there's a new state that I hadn't visited! And on the way over to Arkansas we got stranded in Texas so I got to sleep in Dallas/Fort Worth. The hotel was a place named Harvey Hotel. It looked nice, but man were the beds terrible. My back hurt like hell after sleeping in that uncomfortable bed! Anyhoo, here's some pictures for ya'll to look at. CLICK HERE to see pictures.

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