Archos + iBook + iTunes + Synchronization

february 9, 2002

Well, when I moved my music from my PC over to the iBook and wanted to sync the music with my Archos I ran into a problem. Apple's iTunes syncs only with one MP3 player -- that's right, the iPod. So what's a guy to do when he had a perfect system of syncing music from PC to Archos with the free JB Sync program and now can't do it on the iBook? I searched around the net for some good file and folder synchronization programs. I thought I found the perfect one with this program called "FolderSynchronizer". But, as it turns out the thing can't synchronize long file names correctly (it changes the names!) So, I looked some more and found the perfect (though not free) program. It's Synk and it runs on all MacOS versions (including MacOS X, very important). Now I can keep my MP3 collection on my iBook in perfect sync with my Archos MP3 Recoder/Player! Cool!

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