february 19, 2002

OK, so I gave up on doing the Synk + Archos thing and finally gave in and got an iPod. I must say, it's really impressive! The UI is beautiful (especially when compared to the one that Archos has) and the sound is pretty good -- which is a good thing since the iPod does not have an onboard equalizer! The good things about the iPod: Great sound, small size, long battery life, beautiful unit, easy to use user interface, fast Firewire connection, synchronizes with iTunes 2, and a hidden Breakout game! Some drawbacks of the iPod: 1GB less than my Archos (at around the same price I paid for the Archos), no onboard equalizer, cannot build playlists on-the-fly, no carrying case, and no PC connectivity. The iPod is a keeper though, so if there's anyone who wants to buy my Archos 6GB Recorder, make me an offer -- the unit works beautifully, I just put in new 1700mah batteries. The only things about the Archos is that the silver paint on the buttons are starting to flake off and there are a few scratches on the screen.

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