Bigger Banners != More Clicks

april 2, 2002

Woowee. I've been starting to notice that Yahoo! is using some huge banners. They've got them to the 728x90 pixel range now. And it's not just Yahoo! who's doing them, there are quite a few sites that are now using these mongo-ads. Hey marketting guys listen up:

Bigger ads does not mean more clicks. Hell most of us already tune out the small ones, do you really think that making them bigger will really get someone to click them? No way. It just annoys us and soon enough we'll learn to scroll down past them too. Find some other way to create revenue. We've already learned from the dot-bomb that banner ads do not work. So, by making them larger really does not make them work. What I think works to create revenue is content. Yes, the early Internet had the free, free, free thing going for it. But when VC funding dries up, a site has to find funding some other way.

Create good content. Create stuff that people want, and most importantly would want to pay money for. I subscribe to two sites, IGN and Salon because these two sites provide me with informative and useful content that is otherwise not available. I wouldn't mind supporting a site in exchange for no banner ads if they provided good, solid and unique content.

So, listen up marketting guys: banner ads don't work. I tried them on my sites, they never ever worked. Now I just run the sites bannerless. Why waste my bandwidth and the bandwidth of the reader? It's not like they're gonna click anyways.

That's just my 2 cents.

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