Zaurus SL-5500 Travel Charger

april 3, 2002

The documentation for the Zaurus SL-5500 says that it gets about 2 hours per charge when running all out (with full sidelighting, etc). I've been seeing reports of 3-4 hours per charge. I travel a lot so I wanted a seperate travel charger for my Zaurus because I'm sure that the thing wouldn't last a full week's trip. I didn't feel like plugging and unplugging the included power adapter from my cradle each time I needed to travel (lately it's been a lot). The Sharp AC/DC adapter is $30 at Amazon and at the Sharp online store. But neither has it in stock. So, I went to Radio Shack and picked up a nice combo. If you want a travel charger for your Z, go to Radio Shack and pick up the Universal Digital Camera Adapter (273-1696) which is $21 and have them throw in an Adaptaplug B (273-1705) which is $2 if the guy doesn't throw it in for free. Set the tip for positive (be very careful about this!) and set the voltage to 5V. There you have it, an instant Z travel charger for $21 and it's available now.

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