Got Kazaa? Here's A Security Alert

april 8, 2002

Well, here's an interesting story over at cnet. Looks like if you have Kazaa installed on your system, you will have another piece of software named Brilliant Digital Entertainment on your system also. The install of Kazaa also installs this piece of sneakware onto your system. In the matter of a few weeks Brilliant will be turning on its piece of software and use your computer (and bandwidth) to broadcast ads and using your spare CPU cycles. This piece of software can be turned on remotely. Here's how you can uninstall it from your system. Do this at your own risk, I don't take any responsibilites :) I did do it to my system and it worked fine. Per instructions from cnet's story:

1. Remove the piece of software "b3d Projector" from your system -- use the Add/Remove Control Panel to do this.

2. Find the "BDE" folder on your hardrive -- I found mine in my C:Winnt directory -- and run the "bdeclean.exe" program from inside there. This will clean up more. Remove the "BDE" folder after you're done.

3. Find the folder named "Brilliant" on your harddrive, remove that.

4. After you've done that stuff comes the harder part. In your Windows directory do a search and remove the following files:

I was able to find all but the last four.

Good luck removing this piece of software. That was pretty sneaky of Brilliant to do this -- seed lots of machines without people's knowledge and then later announce that they did it. Asking forgiveness is easier than asking permission. Brilliant has said that they will ask you permission before turning on your machine :) Thanks Brilliant.

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