Great iBook and iPod Bags

april 8, 2002

Well, everything's here and I must say I got the best bags for my iBook and iPod. I ordered the bags from WaterField Designs. They make bags for notebooks and other things. I must say that the bags and the service there are excellent. The iBook bag I got is called the SleevCase. They make them for iBooks (12" and 14") and also TiBooks. The one that I got for my 12" iBook fits it like a gloove. It gives the iBook good protection for when I shove it in my backpack and take it with me. The quality of the craftsmanship is top notch. I got mine with the ballistic flap which is really cool.

The iPod bag I got is called the Super Dooper iPod Case. Silly as the name sounds the case is really functional. You have to see the pictures on the website to understand. But, just like the SleevCase, this is one quality bag. Now I'll be able to protect my precious iPod without having to take it in and out of a seperate carrying case.

Worth mentioning is the service at WaterField, Noah and Gary over there were very friendly and helpful. When things got messed up with my iPod case, Noah and Gary helped out. Thanks guys for such great service!

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