CDex and LAME

may 6, 2002

Just tried a few MP3 encoding schemes and found one that sounds pretty good. For the record, I don't like how the MP3s that iTunes encode sounds :) I'm still encoding using my PC. I'm using CDex which uses the LAME encoder. The LAME encoder produces some great sounding MP3s. I used to use it only with CBR (constant bit rate) encoding for my MP3s (first 160kbps then 192kbps). I'm finding that using joint-stereo and VBR (variable bit rate) I'm getting some damn good sounding MP3s. Here are the settings I'm using: Bitrate min set to 32kbps, Bitrate max set to 320kbps, VBR-MTRH, Quality set to High (2), and VBR Quality set to VBR 4. This produces MP3s that average 160kbps, but max out to 320kbps. They sound wonderful! What kind of settings are you using in CDex (or in the command-line LAME)?

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