Other Assorted News

may 19, 2002

Well, went off to Fry's to go shopping this afternoon and picked up Moby's new CD "18." Also picked up Nicole Kidman's movie "The Others." Can't wait to watch "The Others" it looks good and has gotten some good reviews. Talking about movies, I also made the switch from RentMyDVD.com back over to Netflix.com tonight. I was thinking about cancelling my RentMyDVD.com account for the last month, but I was locked into a three-month long term deal which just ended. So, I bailed on RentMyDVD.com because of their lack of availability on most of the movies. Ghosts of Mars on my list since its release (a couple of months now) and it has never been available to me. So, gritting my teeth I took the chance and returned to Netflix -- the one that I bailed from when their stock problems started. It looks like Netflix has fixed their stock problems because all the latest movies that I'm looking to rent are available. We'll see though.

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