Dirt Cheap Color

may 20, 2002

Woowee, I saw the Fry's ad the other day and spotted dirt cheap color. That is, dirty cheap color Palm! Well, not exactly Palm, it's actually Handspring. Fry's is now selling refurbished Handspring Visor Prism units for $169. Now you gotta admit that is a damn good price for a color PalmOS unit! I went and picked up a pair (actually I got three of them). The pair is for Eileen and myself. The third one is a gift for a family member (who is graduating soon and I can't spoil the surprise because she could be reading this!) Anyhoo, for less than the price of a new Sony PEG-NR70V Clie Handheld I was able to pick up three color units!

Yes, there is no MemoryStick slot on the Handspring Visor Prism, but I can add one with a MemPlug SpringBoard. The screen is not 320x480 like the Sony PEG-NR70V Clie Handheld, but I really don't look at that many pictures -- and I even don't use the high-res mode on my Sony PEG-N610C that much either. And the processor on the Handspring Visor Prism is half as slow as the PEG-NR70V, oh wells. I can get most of the stuff on the PEG-NR70V as SpringBoards (like the eyeModule2 camera, an MP3 player, etc).

What's cool is that now my love Eileen and I have the same handheld -- well, not just yet, her's is still sitting here at my house, I'll have to bring it to NYC for her. :)

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