Minidisc FAQ and How to easily copy MP3 to MD via NetMD

june 5, 2002

Wondering about Minidiscs? Here's a great FAQ about Minidiscs.

Also, wondering how you can more easily copy your MP3s to your MD without having to use that dreaded piece of software from Sony called OpenMG? I found out how in a post on T-Station. Read more of this article for information. You'll need Nero for this. Nero is worth every penny as a CD-R/RW software, so don't worry about buying it. This technique works quite well.

Dino at T-Station posts:

Hi all avid MD buffs- 

First off I want to thank everyone
here especially all the regular posters.
I've been keeping a close eye on a lot
of threads over the last few days- spent
heaps of time researching a new portable
music device...and all I can say is: MD,
where have you been all my life?!! 

Just got a n707, absolutely love it. I
am re-discovering how much I enjoy
portable music. 

BUT...I aggree with most here, OPENMG
sucks the big one. Rediculous restrictions..
can't upload, CANT DELETE for crying out
LOUD!! I found I couldn't even delete my
own sound bytes recorded after a bunch of
files downloaded with OPENMG!! absolutely

I got the 'Simple Burn' software, not
bundled with the AUZ models, not even a
mention of it (thanks sony, luv ya), and
yes it is simple and is limited to LP2/LP4,
but what it does, it does well and the
software isn't a bugfest like openMD.
Rips albums quite fast and very happy with
LP2 for quality. 

I found a quick and easy way to get my mp3's
onto my MD by using Simple Burn. I haven't
seen this on any other post and my apologies
if I'm just repeating someone elses idea. 

CAVEAT- you need Nero, and nero's imagedrive,
or something similar that can create a
virtual CD disc image, and mount it to your

Five easy steps to a clean and hassle free
mp3-md burn: 

1. Open nero, select Audio CD from the
presets and drag all the MP3's you want
into it. Nero is far less picky about
formats and sample rates. I found this
method foolproof. 

2. Save or 'Burn' your cd to your hard
drive (not your burner). Nero will give
you a default filename of 'image.nrg' 

3. Use Nero's imagedrive (bundled with
nero) to mount the .nrg you just created.
Lets say for this example, drive 'F' 

I'm not an expert, but I found these 3
steps took around 2 MINUTES or less for
a regular sized audio cd, ie: about 10
mp3 tracks to be converted and 'burned'
to my hard drive as a regular audio CD
'image'. I have a PIII 1gig, so that
would have helped with the mp3-aif
conversion times. Faster machine=faster
mp3 conversion=faster image creation. 

Now If you know how to use Simple Burn,
the rest as they say, goes without saying. 

4. Select your 'virtual F' cd drive in
Simple Burn & burn that sucker. 

5. When you're done, trash the .nrg file
sitting on your desktop (large file). 

If your machine is 'fairly' fast (most
today are) then Simpleburns' CD-Atrac
conversion is done in on-the-fly in RAM.
Notice your HD doesn't tick over at all. 


*you're using reliable software 
*unlike openmg, crap isn't left all over
your hard drive, not to mention that
f**ing checkin-checkout bullshit. 
*you can delete, re-arrange tracks on your
MD to your hearts content WITHOUT having
to do it via your pc. 
*did I mention you dont have to use openmg? 
*it's faster and doesn't thrash your HD 
*no openmg 

Now..all I need is to be able to upload
audio, then I will be an EXTREMELY happy

Well thats about it. BTW, can someone
please tell me why sony called their
monster openMG, I would have thought
openMD would have been more appropriate. 

cya's and thanks again.

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