The Other Sites :)

july 4, 2002

The other Mookie Network sites have a lot of activity on them. Don't forget to try some of them out. Like has a LOT of activity on it. It's Eileen and my personal website. But we have a lot of restaurant and movie suggestions. And if you register over there you can help everyone else by rating the different movies and/or restaurants also. SolaraGuy.Com has had a resurgence of users. I didn't know there were so many Solara enthusiasts around! Check it out for Solara tips (and also car tips in general.) Also the free email (you@SolaraGuy.Com) is also active over there. So if you want, get some free email (not that you don't have enough of that already! :) A new site for the Mookie Network is coming up. is up and running, though I need to work on the actual site. This is my gift to Eileen's parents (for Christmas, because right now I gotta work on it). Eileen's parents runs the Half Penny Fish and Grill restaurant on Milpitas Blvd. here in sunny Milpitas California. If you have a chance stop by for some Fish and Chips and let them know that Steve (or Mookie) sent ya! :) iPodGuy.Com is looking to get a refresh also sometime soon. It's a right now. I think I will just do an iPod page with forums soon and have them all hosted off-site. I'm thinking about using iTools ( to host the regular site (because if it is a site for a Macintosh product, it should be hosted at a Macintosh site :)). And to use either or to host the forums. There is just too much stuff running on the UltraMookie machine and there isn't enough bandwidth. :) Anyhoo, enjoy everyone!

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