Online Prints

july 13, 2002

Eileen and I just received our order of prints from ClubPhoto.Com and we are very impressed. Not only did ClubPhoto.Com deliver the photos in an amazingly quick time (we ordered on Monday and they arrived today, that's quick!) but the prints are amazing! If one didn't know better these prints of our digital pictures could be easily mistaken for 35mm photos. The photos are printed on Kodak paper and it's glossy. They look just like the "real" thing that comes from taking pictures on a 35mm camera and developing those. The cost was 25 cents per pictures, that's half the price of competing sites (like Ofoto.Com and EZPrints.Com) and for the photos are great! The big benefit of taking pictures digitally and getting them printed online is that Eileen and I can take hundreds of pictures digitally and only get the ones we want printed. Whereas if we take a 35mm camera with us we'd have to develop each and every picture whether we want it or not. This I see as a huge cost savings when it comes to photography. Kudos to [url=" target="__clubphoto]ClubPhoto.Com[/url]. Excellent prints! I know Eileen and I will definitely get more prints from [url=" target="__clubphoto]ClubPhoto.Com[/url].

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