New Router/AP and also

july 17, 2002

I picked up a new router + wireless access point yesterday. It's the D-Link DI-614+. This replaces my old Netgear RT314 router + D-Link DWL-1000AP setup. For one thing it's nice to have a single box setup. Another thing, the DI-614+ has phenomenal range compared to the DWL-1000AP (which at the time was top notch -- which was more than a year ago since I was an early adopter of 802.11b technoloty). So far the DI-614+ is performing well, I like the option that if I pair up the DI-614+ with it's D-Link 802.11b card it can actually get 22Mbits/sec, that's twice as fast as the regular 802.11b transfer rate -- not that I'm using more than the 1.5Mbits/sec that I have on my DSL connection. When one signs up for Pacbell DSL they don't expect top notch customer support. I got a taste of that yesterday when I forgot my password for my PPPoE connection. The support page for Pacbell walks a customer around in circles if they aren't connected via a Pacbell DSL or dial-up. There isn't even a number to call. How annoying. I finally just banged out my passwords and found the right one, but I have to remember that what I'm paying for is the DSL service, not customer service because Pacbell doesn't seem to want to provide it easily.

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