D-Link DI-614+ Going Back...

july 18, 2002

Well, the D-Link Di-614+ is going back to Fry's. The thing is cool as hell, but the damn thing didn't work correctly! Here's the problem, after about 12 hours of being on the thing stops broadcasting over the air. The router portion of it still works, as I can still surf the Internet on my wired PC. But on my iBook, I get nothing. Zero. Zilch. That completely bites because that would force me to reboot it twice a day. I've already had to do it three times, I'm not going to do it anymore. It's going back for a refund. I'll stick with the Netgear RT314 router and the D-Link DWL-1000AP that I have right now. I'm testing a different channel (the one that the DI-614+ defaulted to, channel 6) on the DWL-1000AP to see if that increases the performance (before I had it set to like 9 or 11 or something and that didn't work too well.

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