AccordGurrl and SolaraGuy Get Extra HP

july 28, 2002

Welp, I took the forums (the major part) of AccordGurrl and SolaraGuy and moved them offsite to a machine with more bandwidth. I signed up with [url=" target="__aussiehosts]AussieHosts[/url] for one of their low-cost packages ($52/year for 300MB storage, 6GB/month transfer limit, and 5 MySQL databases). I moved the domain over to [url=,],[/url] and from zer0 I'm going to host some of the more intensive websites on the Mookie Network. is the busiest of the Mookie Network and it will benefit greatly from the move. AccordGurrl is just picking up in popularity and that will grow rather quick with the move to more bandwidth. will always live here on the UltraMookie box. This is where it belongs. :)

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