Impressed With NetFlix

august 7, 2002

I joined back up with NetFlix in May 2002 and I must say I'm really impressed with their "new" service. NetFlix is a company that rents DVDs by US Postal Mail. Depending on your rental plan you can have between two to eight movies out at a time. You picked a list of lots of movies you want to see on the website and NetFlix will send you via mail the movies at the top of your list. Keep the movies as long as you want and when you're done with one, just drop it in the mail (in a postage paid envelope). When NetFlix gets your rental back, they'll send the next movie to you. It's an ingenious idea.

My problem originally with NetFlix was that this whole "keep them as long as you want" deal breeded a type of service where the new releases were never available and the wait for them was tremendously long. So, I bailed from the service to join [url=" target="__rentmydvd]RentMyDVD[/url] which was an up-and-coming new shop that dealed in the same way with rentals. Well, the shortages at RentMyDVD came at the beginning of this year and it was terrible, much like what I experienced originally at NetFlix -- no movies that I really wanted to see would be available, so I'd get third or fourth choice movies. So, naturally, in the nature of consumer choice, I bailed from RentMyDVD and went back to NetFlix on faith that because they had just struck a deal with most major studios to get more DVDs that it would be better.

And since May 2002 I have been getting all the first choice DVDs I have on my list. No problems at all. On my list sometimes they are listed as "Short Wait", but they ship to me anyways. There was one movie "Rollerball" that didn't ship for three consecutive times, but that's OK. "Resident Evil" which is really new just shipped for me. So I'm pretty impressed with NetFlix. They're even openning new shipping werehouses (something that RentMyDVD was promising a year ago but never got done). Check out [url="" target="__netflix]NetFlix[/url] if you like to watch movies.

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