Rockbox 1.2 Firmware Upgrade for Archos Players

august 9, 2002

The hard working guys at Rockbox have released a new version of their firmware for the Archos Players/Recorders. Their firmware rocks!

Changes include:

General changes since 1.1
- Battery level indicator
- USB cable inserted detection
- Backlight timeout support
- Introduced the While-Playing-Screen (WPS)
- Digital out now supported
- New ".mp3 and .m3u"-only dir filter mode
- Key repeat support on various places
- Configurable directory sorting, defaults to case insensitive sorting
- Key lock (Menu+Stop on player, F1+Down on Recorder)
- Relative paths in file lists are now supported
- Dir playback is now handled using ram playlists
- Several vital functions now execute in cpu-internal RAM for increased speed
- Battery voltage statistics keeping
- Fixed lots of little bugs

Player-specific changes since 1.1
- The sound settings work again
- Some pitch problems were resolved
- Sound distortion problem fixed
- The LCD icons are being used

Recorder-specific changes since 1.1
- Playback works on Recorder 6 and Recorder 10 versions.
- Settings are now saved in the RTC memory area to survive reboots
- New sound settings: Auto Volume control, Bass Boost, Loudness
- More Sokoban levels!
- Status bar added
- Battery charging support

Dowload it at [url=][/url] Make sure to read the release

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