Message to Baseball Players...

august 24, 2002

The baseball players union is planning on striking August 30th. My message to them: If you go, don't come back! NFL football and NBA basketball seasons are here and I could care less about your strike. I used to be an avid baseball fan, but no more. After their constant whining about pay and their threats of strikes, the baseball players have sapped the fun and love out of the game. Shut your cryholes boys and play the game for fun, you're already being paid much-dollars! If you go, don't bother to come back because I know there are lots of jaded fans now who could give a shit if you play or not after this. We need new players who enjoy playing the game. We need players who don't do steroids. We need to have a baseball worthy of being called America's Pasttime, because what it is today is just a pool of whiny players.

I don't doubt that Barry Bonds is a great player, but is he great enough to earn an average of $92,000 per game?? How do you like those $50 tickets, $10 hotdogs, and $7 beers just to pay for the salary of a guy who plays the game maybe for the love of it, but probably just for the money? Now I'm not just picking on Barry, but why are these guys whining when they are being paid so much already?

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