Twists and Turns

august 26, 2002

In five words: Heist = Good, Collateral Damage = Bad. I just watched these movies this weekend (on rental from NetFlix). Boy are they polar opposites. Heist is the first David Mamet film I've ever seen and I'm impressed with how this guy writes and directs. This is a straight up caper film with twists and turns that kept me at the edge of my seat. It also helps that it has the ultracool Gene Hackman in it too. Damn good film if you like a film that works the characters, situation, and plot rather than the special effects.

On the other hand I saw the terrible film Collateral Damage. Gosh, how can I get my 90 minutes back? Andrew Davis has made a name directing the "everyday man" film. This is a type of film that puts a regular guy in bad situations -- a doctor in "The Fugitive", a scientist in that one movie with Keanu Reeves and Morgan Freeman, and now a fireman in Collateral Damage. Davis is outright trying to be the next Hitchcock, but he never even touches that kind of greatness. The twists and turns in this movie can be seen from a mile away. Stay away from this stinker!

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