september 1, 2002

Well I've played through three missions. One using the included headset. I must say this is one cool game. The game itself is damn cool, but the inclussion of the headset and the integration of the headset into the game is awesome. Here's why. The headset I thought would be a gimmick. Heck at first I thought the headset (made by Logitech) would just be for online play, to chat and stuff. But, that isn't all the thing is for! You can actually use it to issue orders to your AI teammates in single player mode, the voice recognition is pretty good that it works all the time! I'm really impressed.

The other cool thing about the headset is that all voice communications between your team is taken out of the TV or sound system (the Dolby Pro-Logic surround works well in SOCOM). All that voice communication between teammates is done in the headset and not on the sound system. Sounds kind of hokey, but it really does make the game that much different.

SOCOM is a great game! :)

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