I Screamed and Wailed Like A Baby

september 9, 2002

Well, today was quite an experience with Eileen (my girlfriend for all you that are not in the "know"). After she fitted me with some trial contacts (one Toric and one spherical) we had some breakfast then it was a screaming and wailing good time. What did we do? Why was I screaming and wailing like a baby? We went to Paramount's Great America today. And it was the first time that I rode the rides while my sight was clear. Before this I always took off my glasses before riding the rides, so it was still fun, but I didn't see the shtuff that I saw with the contacts on.

I must say, I screamed my ass off today. The park today, since it's already September, was almost empty so Eileen and I got to ride all the rides we wanted to without waiting in line. The Delirium, the newest ride at PGA, was one of the best of the day.

The contacts were wonderful. I liked them a lot, but I don't have the power to put them on everyday and it took Eileen a lot of work to get them on me -- I squirmed like a little boy :) Thank you honey for putting those on me and letting me experience everything that one gets out of a rollercoaster park!

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