PS2 Network Adapter

september 13, 2002

I couldn't find the damn thing here in the SF Bay Area. I went to Arkansas for a business trip and couldn't find it there. So then while on vacation in LA, Eileen and I walk into this small hole-in-the-wall game store and I off-handedly ask, "You got the PS2 Network adapter?" and the dude replies to me... ..."Yea, I got two in stock." So, I picked one up.

I must say, SOCOM is fun in single player mode, but in online mode it simply kicks ASS. I spent maybe two hours playing tonight after I installed the network adapter (just three minutes of work) and ran a 100ft cable from the switch in the other room to the PS2. The first half hour was without the headset, which is still fun, but nothing compared to playing with the headset. With the headset and voice communication with the team, SOCOM is an absolute blast -- it's nice to play a game where communication doesn't require that one stop and type a message (like Counter-Strike). SOCOM online kicks some serious butt. The only complaint I have is that the PS2 controller is not really made for this kind of game -- or I'm just way too accustomed to the keyboard+mouse combo. I guess I have to get used to using the Dual Shock. Otherwise I love SOCOM online!

I tried Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 online also and that was entertaining, but nothing beats playing with 15 other people in SOCOM -- in THPS3 you can only play with four other people max.

I had considered reselling the network adapter on eBay, but I'm glad I didn't do that, it's so much fun having it. Maybe I should have bought that other network adapter from that dude though...Oh wells, no regrets! Off to sleep then more SOCOM in the morning! Ha!

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