UltraMookie Back Up

september 21, 2002

Sigh. Damn hackers. Ultramookie was hit over the week by some person exploiting a SSH crc32 attack. They almost torched the system so I rebuilted it last night and this morning. So now it's all brand new running Red Hat Linux 7.3. I put in a new Maxtor 60GB drive into the system also. I also subscribed to the Red Hat Network so that I could get priority downloads with Red Hat's up2date utility that will keep the system up to date. I downloaded the ISOs of Red Hat Linux 7.3 and burned those instead of spending $59 on it. The shrink-wrap copy of RHL 7.3 comes with 30 days of up2date updates, then you're stuck with low (and when I say "low" I mean that you'll never get to download anything via the up2date utility) priority. Now, if you have a DSL or cable connection you can download the ISOs and burn them. They create disks that are the same as the store bought ones. Then spend the $60 on the year-long RHN subscription. It's a better deal.

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