FBI Called

september 23, 2002

I got a voicemail today that surprised me. Yup, as the subject says, the FBI called me. It was the cybercrime division of the FBI that left me a voicemail about the break-in last week. I called back and talked with a Special Agent out of the Sacramento, CA office about it. He first wanted to let me know that it looked like my system was broken into last week if I didn't know that already. Then he asked if I had any logs or anything that could help him find who did it. I think I do, so I will be looking for them -- the new system is completely new, but I have kept on a different system the logs from the old system. I will comb through and find all the anomalies I can and send it to him. He is handling a bunch of cases and mine is just one of them. I'm glad that someone in the government is looking out for UltraMookie.Com :) Anyways, if the person who broke in is reading this, the FBI is going to be helping me.