Kingdom Hearts

september 30, 2002

I'm still playing SOCOM online, but I've found a nice offline game to fill in the time when I'm fed up with some of the SOCOM players online. The game is Kingdom Hearts but SquareSoft and Disney Interactive. What? A Disney game? It must be for kids! No way! Kingdom Hearts is a role-playing game from the RPG masters (of Final Fantasy fame) SquareSoft. Square mixes in their characters and literally dozens of Disney characters to form one huge game that spans all over the Disney worlds. I'm in the second world right now and I'm amazed by the game.

The graphics are stunning. The animation is top-notch. And the 3D Disney characters are fun to watch -- Donald Duck and Goofy are your travel-mates (you play a character named Sora) during the adventures and they are always getting chuckles out of me.

Don't think because the game carries a Disney name that it's only for kids. If you think this, you'll miss out on a great game. I'm gonna go play some more now :) Check out Kingdom Hearts.

As for SOCOM, it's still a blast to play, but one can only take so much online play (it's repetitive) in a go. Yes, I play it a lot, but I can't only take it in short chunks of time. And now that people are slowly getting SOCOM and their PS2 Network Adapters, there are a flux of people online playing -- including the all annoying pre-pubecent punks who want to talk smack more than they want to play. There should be a way to segregate these little brats out from the game. Sigh.

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