The Ring

october 21, 2002

Oh my goodness this is a frightful film. If you want some truely spine tingling scares (that screw with your head) this Halloween, take yourself to the movie theatres and see "The Ring". Take a buddy or significant other with you because you'll definitely need someone to hold on to! If you haven't see the film yet, don't click the "Read More..." because there are spoilers in there. There are some stuff about the film that bothered me (no not the horrific images or themes in the film). For instance, and my girlfriend Eileen pointed this one out to me, the well at the end. It's a pretty far fall down the well and we see our heroine fall head first into the well. But, when we see her at the bottom of the well it looks pretty shallow -- she is standing in water that is just a bit over waist deep. How the hell did she not crack her head open in that fall?

Another thing with the well, the two characters drop a rock into it to test to see how deep it is. Obviously it's not too deep because at the end the heroine is able to talk with her ex-husband, but the rock doesn't make any splash noise when it hits the water.

Another question, what happens if the person who is going to die is in the car when they are supposed to die? Or what if they're in the forrest where there is no TV set? How does Samara crawl out of a TV to scare the shit out of them if there is no TV to crawl out of?

Why is it that Anna Morgan is dressed in clothing that looks like it came from the 20s or 30s when she existed some 25 years ago?

Who called on the phone?

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