New Day, New 24

november 4, 2002

I was distraught at the end of last season's "24". "24" was the best show of last year and the ending of the last season followed what "24" did all season long: It put in a twist and it kept it all real. I was in disbelief that FOX would try to do another "24" season, I mean how could they spin another story off the same characters using the same storytelling style? Well, obviously I was being too paranoid because now that I've watched the hour-long (no interruptions) season premiere, I'm convinced that "24" will be this seasons best show also. Of the two shows that I loved last season and made time to watch "24" beats "Alias" by far. The storylines are deep and believable, there is action, and great acting. Not to mention true talented writers that put together a wonderful hour each week. Yes, "Alias" is a whole lot of fun and is a great diversion each week, but the whole "24" production kicks "Alias" butt.

This season happens 18 months after last season's "day". This time the threat is bigger, it's a nuke on US soil (specifically in LA). I can wait to see how this season rolls out. This looks to be a good one.

If you haven't seen last season's "24", don't worry you'll get right into this season. If you missed the premiere, don't worry you can catch up at [url=" target="__24]FOX's 24 site[/url]. Don't miss an episode of this series, "24" will be this season's rollercoaster thrill ride.

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