Palm's Tungsten T

november 20, 2002

I have to say that the new Palm Tungsten T is a very cool looking handheld device. Not only does it run the new Palm OS5, but it has that cool sliding cover thing for the Graffeti area. But, the best thing about it is the screen. Oh my, oh my that screen is bright, vivid, and has the whitest white background I've ever seen -- beating out the Sony's! (That's a first!) It's too bad that there's no keyboard hidden under that slide away protector. After using my Treo 90 for so long, I haven't missed Graffeti a bit. Yea, Graffeti is nice, but I just like having the minikeyboard -- I'm just as fast with both, but I hate scratching the screen, which is always going to happen if you're writing on it. Maybe Palm will be nice enough to release a Tungsten T without the Graffeti area and with a nice chicklet type keyboard? They did recently licenese the minikeyboard technology from those RIMM people -- but I hear that the keyboard is going into the Tungsten W, which is the wireless one in the Tungsten family. That's too bad, I don't need that wireless.

Oh and Palm, lower the price on that Tungsten T. $499 is a bit much for the thing. Especially when Dell has hit the market with their $199 Axim X5 handheld -- which has a newer processor, twice the RAM, and also a CF slot. Yow! That's a lot more stuff for less than half the price!

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