Tribes Aerial Assault

december 1, 2002

Spent the day playing Tribes Aerial Assault, for the PS2, with my sister's boyfriend, Albert. First, we practiced with bots doing split screen. Then we got brave and played online. Here's the kicker for the game though: It allows for split screen play online. So, Albert and I could play online at the same time using split screen. Very cool feature that I wish was integrated into more games (like SOCOM and Twisted Metal Black Online) because it adds a lot of fun to the game. Tribes is a pretty difficult game to get used to, but I'm getting better at it and Al was getting better at it also. Very steep learning curve -- plus it's not easy to play a FPS (with the option to play third-person) with the Dual-Shock.

The game is pretty fun though in the end and I think I'll have to keep practicing with it. Hosting a game was incredibly easy and did not tax my DSL line at all. No noticeable lag during the 16-player games either. Pretty good game overall.

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