What's It Like Outside?

december 5, 2002

Ever sit inside and wonder what it's like outside? Yea, I know you can do the practical thing and just go outside to see what the weather is like, but what kind of fun would that be? Anyways, I'm running to cool programs that bring the weather to me. On my PC, I run the free Weather Watcher and on my iBook I run the $8 Weather Pop Advance (you can run regular Weather Pop for free). Both bring in weather reports live to my machines. Weather Watcher sits in my taskbar showing the current temperature. Click on it and it brings up a window that shows the forecast for the next few hours, for the news few days, and even gets you satellite images. Very cool. You can set it up to track one place for you and it can do look ups in the window for other places. Weather Pop Advance sits in the menubar and displays the current temperature. Click on it and a menu drops down with a forecast for the next week along with all sorts of other cool information (like dew points, visibility, barometer, etc). The free version just displays the temperature and that's it. Weather Pop Advance can keep track of a few cities for you (in case you travel). I quite like Weather Pop Advance -- I like how the weather is put all into a menu that pops up, instead of a new window. But, both are awesome tools. I know I should get out and see what the weather is like (at least while I'm at home), but sometimes it's nice to just see what it's like without leaving the desk.

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