Moving Pictures

december 31, 2002

PBase is switching to a subscription model -- which I full support and am subscribing to. But, with the new model I won't get as much space as I had before (limitless before, 300MB now). So, I'm going to slowly migrate my archived photo albums over to the new Gallery here locally. Yes, there's not as much bandwidth as PBase here, but it'll do for older archived photos. I'll still put new stuff over at PBase, but everything will be here. I'm using [url=" target="__gallery]Gallery[/url] to do the albums locally. It is a great piece of OpenSource software, very versatile for what it does. It can be done as a module to PHPNuke (the Content Management System that I use for UltraMookie.Com) and I experimented with it in module mode, but I'm really not satisfied with it -- in full picture mode it messes up the UltraMookie look. And I really like the galleries to run as a separate entity. Great software! If you have pictures you need to host on your website give Gallery a try.

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