december 31, 2002

Just finished reading Michael Crichton's book "Prey". Not a bad read, considering how bad "Lost World" was :) But, I read this book as an ebook -- just my second ebook read -- on my Handspring Treo 90. Not too bad of an experience, it let me bring the book with me everywhere (since I have my Treo 90 with me most of the time) which was really convenient. Though reading on such a low-res small screen was kind of a pain, but it's OK. Maybe sooner or later I can afford one of those nifty Palm Tungsten T's or Sony Clie NX-60s (though they are a far cry heavier and bigger than my trusty Treo 90!) I think ebooks are going be a hit, think about carrying two or three 1000+ page books in your pocket at once.

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