True Online Shopping

january 1, 2003

A lot of people know that Borders and Amazon are working together (if you go to Borders.Com it actually takes you to This is nice, and I do really like shopping at Amazon/ But, the one drawback still is instant gratification! I couldn't find the score for Solaris anywhere so I had to order it at Amazon, it'll take two weeks before it arrives -- sure, I can have them overnight it, but that costs too much in shipping. So what's a guy to do? What less people know is that Borders actually lets you check the in-store stock online at their other website [url=" target="__bordersstores][/url]. That way I can look at home for stuff I want in the store before having to go there (or call them ahead of time). This is so convenient because it's really nice to know if what you want is in the store before you head on over there. I'm surprised that not many retailers are catching onto this idea.

I think this idea is what online shopping should be. BestBut does it too. You get online, you order what you want and you're not charged shipping -- nor do you have to wait for the stuff to get to you. You can just drive on over to your local retailer and pick up your merchandise. Isn't that a wonderful idea? No need to shop around, no need to stand in the cashier's line. Just buy online with your credit card, go to the store, pick up merchandise and leave. Beautiful.

It's funny how large retailers (like Wal-Mart and such) have not caught onto this fantastic idea. The infrastructure changes will be big to get it working -- tying the online with the in-store is probably not going to be an easy thing -- but I think the return on investment will be huge. Huge for the single reason that most people are like me: Impatient. When I buy something, it better well damn be in my hands right away :) Special order stuff (like the Solaris CD) are OK to be shipped, but major items should be able to be bought and picked up.

What do you think?

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