Crappy Microsoft USB 802.11b!

january 5, 2003

With my Microsoft Keyboards, Mice and Game Controllers, I've grown to trust Microsoft's hardware division. Well all that trust has just gone down the drain with their crappy Microsoft MN-510 802.11b USB Wireless Adapter. What a piece of crap this thing is. I've tried to get the thing working for the last two months without avail. In the mornings it will work for a little, then it will disconnect -- the only way to get it working again is to reboot the machine. Over the last few days it has gotten worse -- it would disconnect all through the day. And you don't have to be told how annoying that is. Tonight I picked up a LinkSys WMP11 PCI 802.11b adapter and it installed right away and seems to be working fine. I'll have follow up reports on it soon -- but it seems to be working much faster than the MN-510 also (probably because it's not using up resourses for the USB connection). Anyways, if you're thinking about buy Microsoft's wireless networking (or networking in general) gear, think about getting someone else's gear. Microsoft's sucks.

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