Whu-hut happened here?

january 23, 2003

Well, what the heck happened here? UltraMookie.com looks way different than before. Yea, that's right, it does :) That's because I wanted change with the site. I wanted: 1) The site to be lighter (both design-wise and mood-wise), 2) the site to be less cluttered and 3) the site to have a semi-fresh start. So, read more to find out the changes. The previous CMS (Content Management System) that I used for UltraMookie.com (now known as _ultramookie) was phpNUKE. phpNUKE was a pretty cool piece of software, though it was somewhat bloated and, for the purposes of _ultramookie, it was a little too much. Yea, I'll miss the polling booth feature, but the other functions (like weblinks, forums, etc) all went unused because they weren't necessary. So, I switched _ultramookie to [url=http://www.pmachine.com" target="__pmachine]pMachine Free[/url] a lighter, faster, and minimalistic CMS. I like it because of just those features. It is fast as hell and it doesn't have lots of unnecessary features. I'll be customizing the look of the site soon, and I have started already, so look forward to a somewhat fresher look. Also, I'm going to tone down the "serious" feel of all the entries and make things a lot more personal (and personable and even fun). This includes more short movie reviews, lots of tech shtuff, and other goodies. No more trying to be like the big boys when writing, I'm going to write like I want to because that's just how it's going to be. More smileys on the way too! So for those of you who had accounts before, please sign up again. There is a mailing list here too, I'm going to explore how that works out. There's going to be more changes here at _ultramookie, so come back often and visit. Btw, I wrote a script to convert all the old news (minus the comments and view count) from the old phpNUKE database over to here, so the archives contains all the previous content. Most of the old phpNUKE content is now under the _general category. I'm going to be making the script available soon (on sourceforge.net, I hope) for everyone who wants to make the transition from phpNUKE to pMachine. If you can't wait that long just leave me a message using the email function in my profile and I'll send you a copy. Enjoy the new _ultramookie!

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