Cool PHP Editor

january 25, 2003

Check out the cool PHP Editor from DzSoft. What's nice about it is that the thing has a small built-in webserver. So all you have to do is download PHP from and MySQL from and then you're set to write and debug PHP stuff all from one editor/IDE. Nice! It's not fancy like NuSphere's PHPed or Zend's Zend Studio, but it doesn't have the $300 dollar price tag either! I tried PHPed, Zend Studio, PHPedit (a free PHP editor), and ActiveState's Komodo. None of them had the easy of use and quickness of DzSoft's PHP Editor. PHPed and Zend Studio were both slow and clunky. Zend Studio was especially bad, written totally in Java the thing was like molasses. Ugh, plus it needed to have Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed for it to work correctly -- that's a lot of work to get Apache and PHP to install and work together on a Windows machine. Though, [url=]EasyPHP[/url] was a decent solution for that (though it's not updated really). PHPedit was actually kind of cool in a French sort of way. Most of the program, including the install, are all French based, so I got to learn "Oui" pretty well. It relied also on having Apache, PHP, and MySQL installed locally for debugging to happen. What's nice about PHP Editor is that the built-in webserver works with the CGI version of PHP so I can have the latest PHP always. And MySQL is whatever version I want to install on my machine. And I never have to leave the IDE to debug the code because along with the built-in webserver, there is also a built-in browser! How cool is that? Check out the shareware version of PHP Editor, it's pretty darn cool.