AOL The Last Of A Dying Breed?

january 30, 2003

AOL Time Warner has just produced a stunning $99 billion lose (along with the lost of Steve Case and Ted Turner). One branch of AOL, the dial-up and high speed Internet "service", is a dying breed. The ISP portion of AOL is on its last legs as Joe Nobodys start to discover that AOL really does not provide anything that special for the extra price. I mean, why pay $24 a month for Internet access when you can still get access from places like Juno for half the price? Is there really value added by AOL when most of the content they serve can be found for free on the Internet? With the push into the broadband era, people are signing up more and more with DSL providers like SBC and local cable providers for service, leaving AOL out in the cold. How much longer can they last?