Opera Whoops

february 4, 2003

Well, I uninstalled Opera 7 this morning before reading this news article. It is fast and it is small, and the tabbed browsing kicks ass. But, I can't find enough features in it that is worth $39. Then I read the PC World article that details three severe (and easily exploitable) security holes in Opera 7, and I'm glad that I uninstalled it. Though I know that the good folks over at Opera will fix the security flaws, I still can't find enough features to warrant me paying $39 for the software when I can do what I need to do with IE and Mozilla. There was one thing that really bothered me about Opera 7, though it isn't related to the web browsing -- but it is a feature that they touted on their website as a big feature. It's the IMAP functionality in it's mailer. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it doesn't handle folders. I subscribed to a few folders that Outlook Express handles just fine, but in Opera 7's mailer, all the messages got dumped into one screen, which is annoying.

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