Band of Brothers

february 17, 2003

Do whatever you can and see HBO's Band of Brothers. I just finished watching the ten hour (ten episode) mini-series that was produced by Tom Hanks and Steven Speilberg and it is an incredible accomplishment for everyone that was involved in the creation of the series. Don't think that Band of Brothers is a 10-hour version of Saving Private Ryan, it isn't. This series follows Easy Company from D-Day to a few days past VE-day. We see everything and it is not candy-coated, there's no silly melodrama, and no war-movie cliches. It is the most viseral look at war that has ever been put on film. I thoroughly enjoyed Band of Brothers and I highly recommend it to everyone to see. Episode 9 is the best episode of all ten, it is one that will make anyone break down. It reminds us why the world went to war and what those brave soldiers fought for. In a time where we are preparing to go to war, I think it is necessary for everyone to understand why we are. For me, I don't think we are going to war for the right reasons in Iraq. I wish our President would understand this too. War is not just something that is made, there are lives lost in war -- even when the enemy is not shooting at us -- and the life of an American soldier is not expendible, especially for a war that is not needed. Watching Band of Brothers reminded me of how precious life is and I hope that with viewings others will be reminded also. There are things we can do before we go to war, war is the last resort, not the first attempt. And for President Bush to take war as a first move instead of exploring all options, I think that is wrong.

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