PocketPC and Palm

february 23, 2003

I go to tech stores all the time, anyone can tell you that my favourite shopping place is Fry's. And I just love gadgets, my most favourite gadgets are the PDAs. I've actaully stopped my PDA frenzy when I got my Handspring Treo 90, but that doesn't stop me from still looking at them and saying, "Whoa cool!" Now were at a point where the PalmOS based and PocketPC based PDAs are hitting an area where there will be some serious competition. But, I still can't find myself liking the PocketPCs. With the release of the [url=http://www.dell.com/us/en/gen/topics/segtopic_axim.htm]Dell Axim[/url], HP h1910, and [url=http://www.viewsonic.com/products/pocket_pc_pocketpcv35.htm]ViewSonic v35[/url] the PocketPC PDAs are reaching a price-point where they can compete on the level of consumer selling that Palm, Sony and Handspring has traditionally held onto. But, I still can't find myself like the PocketPCs. I still crave a PalmOS device, I crave the [url=http://www.palm.com/products/handhelds/tungsten-t/]Palm Tungsten-T[/url]. Why? There are lots of reasons. Although I think the HP h1910 is the coolest looking PocketPC machine out there, along with a crisp bright display, I can't stand using Outlook. I use Outlook at work, why do I have to endure it at home. It is big, it is bad, it is totally bloated. And, how am I really supposed to back up my data? With the Palm Desktop I just backup the directory that I installed it to (like c:Program FilesPalm) and I have all my data. Someone tell me where the Outlook data is. Yes, the Palm Desktop doesn't have integrated email, nor can it do all sorts of other crap, but sheesh, all I really want and need is something to track my schedule, to-dos, addresses, and memos. Outlook, like Windows, is too much. Now, given that statement, Windows CE (or as Microsoft has renamed it to PocketPC 2002) is just as bad as Windows on my desktop. Microsoft wants you to believe that if you use Windows on your desktop, you shouldn't have to switch when you get your PDA, just use Windows on your PDA. Well, yea, but Windows CE is so much different than Windows on the desktop that I might as well switch to another OS. But, hey Microsoft gives me PocketWord and PocketExcel for my PocketPC, PalmOS users might get Documents-to-Go if they're lucky, I get the real deal. Well, for me I never really understood the whole lets-take-my-Word-doc-with-me approach for PDAs. Yes, I own QuickOffice, but I hardly use it now. Why? Because editing Word docs and Excel spreadsheets on a PDA sized screen is inane! Lets see someone work or even write the next great American novel on a PDA, especially one where they have to use the slow Transcriber to actually [b]write[/b] every word and wait for Transcriber to translate it. Not that Graffiti is much better, but I don't care because I have my built-in keyboard on the Treo 90. And if you pick up a PocketPC and look at the interface, you'll notice that although they have the same screen resolution that the new PalmOS machines have, there is a total waste of space. The big Windows like application bars, the menu bars, etc. Yup, it sure does look like a Windows desktop, but have you ever tried to run your Windows desktop at 320x240? I have two older PocketPC devices and they sit in a drawer. My Treo 90 serves all my needs. It is easy to use, not big as a brick

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