Sega, subsidiary of...

february 28, 2003

Looks like Sammy Corp, a pinball machine company, is looking to buy Sega. This has caused interest with Microsoft and Electronic Arts to buy into part or all of Sega. Sega is not doing so well right now, they are currently looking into laying off 450 people in the US. It can be a big boost for either Microsoft or EA to pick up Sega: Microsoft would get Visual Concepts (Sega's Sports division) which would finally give Microsoft a good sports package. And also Microsoft would get a company that could help them sell more machines in Japan. If EA picks up they could put Visual Concepts to bed, or get them to help with EA Sports. I hope EA picks up Sega since that would give all platforms (PS2, GC, and XBox) games whereas with Microsoft I can just see exclusive XBox titles only coming from the Sega stall.

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